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Three ways to counter hate following anniversary of London attack

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau leads a march to end Islamophobia in memory of the Afzaal family in London, Ont. on Sunday. The march was held to honour the Muslim family run down one year ago by a pickup truck driver while they took an evening walk.

The anniversary of the heinous assault and killing of Muslim household of London, Ont., is a time of deep unhappiness and reflection for all Canadians. Along with expressing our sympathies and solidarity, there are some sensible steps we are able to all take to counter hate in our society.

As an Imam with the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at of Canada, I typically get to listen to and have interaction with Canadian Muslims on how they really feel about this problem.

Generally, it’s saddening to listen to a few of them saying that they weren’t shocked once they heard in regards to the London or Quebec Metropolis assault. The reason being that they’ve felt an elevated quantity of discrimination and hatred towards Muslims, whether or not it’s in actual life or over social media platforms. Once they see this hate and animosity present itself in actual life, they considerably count on it and will not be fully shocked by it.

Others are extra hopeful, particularly seeing huge assist and solidarity from all main political leaders and the general public. I particularly keep in mind the case of a Quebec Muslim lady who misplaced her job resulting from sporting her hijab. Nonetheless, she acquired main assist from our social and political leaders, over social media and even the scholars at her faculty. Seeing such sort of assist in public actually has a therapeutic have an effect on for Muslims.

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Nonetheless, aside from merely exhibiting assist and sympathy for fellow Canadian Muslims, there are concrete steps we are able to all take to result in enchancment. These embrace extra interplay with fellow Muslims, having the braveness to face towards any sort of hate we witness, and having sympathy and compassion for all of humanity in our hearts. Let me elaborate additional.

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Schooling is the perfect methodology to treatment and forestall hatred. If we make a extra concerted effort to get to know our fellow Muslims, whether or not they’re our neighbours, medical doctors, or co-workers, we usually tend to create these bridges of friendship and goodwill.

The second vital step is to develop braveness and bravado to face towards any sort of hate or discrimination we witness round us. There’s a well-known saying that “the one factor crucial for the triumph of evil is for good males to do nothing.” The background or identification of sufferer shouldn’t even matter. If we make a agency decision that we are going to not tolerate any sort of hatred or racism towards anybody, it may go a good distance in combating hate in our society.

In my religion, Islam, there’s a well-known custom of Prophet Muhammad, which says to assist your brother, whether or not he’s being oppressed or is the oppressor. Bewildered, his followers requested that we perceive serving to the oppressed, however how can we assist the oppressor? He replied: By stopping him from committing oppression.

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The third step is to inculcate and instill love and compassion for fellow human beings in our hearts. If we need to rid ourselves of this sort of hatred, we have to embrace the humanity of every particular person. I belong to the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at, which was based by His Holiness Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. He has a well-known saying that carries a fantastic lesson for us all: “A human being with out the college of compassion is not any human in any respect.”

Nelson Mandela famously stated that if individuals can study to hate, they are often taught to like. We’re all frightened about unrest and lack of peace, whether or not in our native cities or on a world scale. Nonetheless, if we are able to cross on and instill this one vital precept in our subsequent technology to have compassion for all of humanity, it may go a good distance in establishing peace and eradicating hate from our society.


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