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Canadian Christian nationalism not Christian, it’s not Canadian, or patriotic either

“So, it’s darkly ironic that Canadian arch conservatives should embrace a quintessentially American value, and throw it around as they wave the Canadian flag, often upside down of course,” writes Michael Coren.

There’s a lot in regards to the rise of the brand new proper in Canada that’s deeply troubling and needs to be so to conventional conservatives in addition to to liberals and progressives. This pretty latest phenomenon is a coalition of populists, racists, conspiracy theorists, anti-science zealots and Christian nationalists.

It’s the final group specifically that so considerations me, as a result of it’s a mingling of the irrational and spiritual with the hateful and excessive and that’s a recipe for catastrophe.

I don’t suppose that Tory management front-runner Pierre Poilievre is certainly one of them, and even that he’s particularly spiritual, however I do consider he provides these individuals oxygen, has their help, and does completely nothing to dissuade them.

We see their indicators at protests and rallies and noticed them in abundance through the Ottawa occupation. Misplaced, typically misspelled, Bible quotes, requires the “restoration of the dominion of God,” footage of rosaries wrapped round offensive right-wing statements and prayer conferences held by individuals who proceed to want loss of life on Justin Trudeau and use obscene language about their opponents.

You are reading: Canadian Christian nationalism not Christian, it’s not Canadian, or patriotic either

Other than the apparent horror of all of it, it’s such an imploding thought. Christian nationalism is an inherent contradiction, an oxymoron, in that Jesus stood in direct opposition to nationalism — each that of his personal individuals, and as a wider idea. The essence of his educating is that he got here for all, regardless of race or nation, and that one particular person couldn’t have two masters. A Christian nationalist is merely a nationalist attempting to disguise nastiness behind religion and religiosity.

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In that the Gospels preach love, tolerance, gentleness, forgiveness and equality, there isn’t any connection between Christ and this newest aberration; or, when you like, this newest heresy. Jesus mentioned you modify the world by altering your coronary heart, Christian nationalists say you modify the world by shouting at and insulting individuals.

However there’s extra. Not solely is Canadian Christian nationalism not Christian, it’s not Canadian, or patriotic both. The roots of this perverted thought are present in a particularly American notion of exceptionalism, the concept that the US was and is chosen by God to be a lightweight on a hill, distinct, particular, and higher. America, runs the ideology, has a God-given proper and obligation to form and lead the world and anyone who opposes that isn’t really American. Inevitably, that results in a complete stew of repugnant beliefs. It could even result in one thing resembling fascism.

It additionally reveals a colossal misunderstanding and twisting of scripture, in that when God selected a individuals or a selected particular person it was usually to point out grace and braveness throughout struggling, to not bathe in triumphal splendour. The thought has its foundations within the theology of the Puritans, who settled America within the Seventeenth-century, and took with them a Calvinist interpretation of the Previous Testomony, with a boast of predestination and nationwide blessing.

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That led to quite a lot of issues and whereas Canada has its personal beginning defects and ghosts with which to deal, this nation was established on radically totally different definitions of faith, state, and function. So, it’s darkly ironic that Canadian arch conservatives ought to embrace a quintessentially American worth, and throw it round as they wave the Canadian flag, usually the wrong way up after all.

This unhappy aping of crude American politics and Trump-adoration is consuming away at well-liked discourse and even civilized democracy. It leads on to the mob scenes we’ve witnessed, to journalists being abused and threatened and speak of violence and revolt. That the phrase “Christian” needs to be linked to it in any means in any respect disgusts me.

The British author G.Okay. Chesterton as soon as mentioned that no true patriot would ever dream of claiming, “My nation, proper or incorrect.” It will, he continued, be like saying, “My mom, drunk or sober.” Canadian Christian nationalists appear to be drunk out of their minds, however on one thing far worse than alcohol!


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